Help Point materials 

Playlist for Life Help Points are somewhere you can go if you want to pick up some information on how to start using playlists if you have dementia or know someone with dementia. We are delighted to have set up 52 Help Points across the country so far. Check our Help Point map to find the closest Help Point to you.

We would like to grow this network, so if there is no Help Point in your area yet, perhaps you would like to consider setting one up?

Each Help Point is provided with a free pack which includes sign, some display materials and on-line training for all volunteers who will run the Help Point. We’ll also offer some face to face training courses in central places across the country.

What makes a good Help Point?

  • A physical space already used by people with dementia or their family members.
  • Existing volunteer structures, so that volunteers are already PVG or disclosure checked.
  • Space to display an A2 poster.
  • Space near the poster to display materials which can be taken away by anyone interested.
  • At least one volunteer who we will train.
  • Space to run a Cuppa Time at least once a month, where people can pop in to ask any questions they might have over a cup of tea.

To find out more about what is involved in being a Help Point have a read through this guide. If you would like to apply click the green button below. We have three application periods every year. Our next intake is for January 2019 but you can apply to be a Help Point at any time and we will send out information about the next steps to successful applicants on the dates shown below.

January 28th 2019
May 17th 2019
September 13th 2019

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